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German trio BULLMEISTER took their first big step from feted club act to the public eye with their title track for 2011’s ‘Germany’s Next Topmodel’ show, hosted by supermodel Heidi Klum. The result: a great response from music-loving listeners far beyond the programme’s style-conscious focus group.

Spurred on by this commercial success, Daniboi, Sam DeBay and Costa Brava have whipped up a dancefloor-oriented debut album that thrives on a blend of punchy beats, Indie flavours and pop-infused entertainment.

The magic formula? Take three Berlin boys, keyboards, guitar and drums, a huge helping of idealism and the laudable plan to inject the club scene with what it’s been lacking after all the hype about seemingly insurmountable coolness caught between icy minimalism and an all-consuming hedonistic streak: a true and unadulterated passion for music guaranteed to spark boundless joy on the dancefloor.

This is the essence of BULLMEISTER. And their debut raises the bar another step – “we wanted to make an album that brings together danceable club sounds and intelligent pop, just the way we like it: with grand emotions, grand gestures – and a smile on our face!”



Since 2006, the Mannheim-born trio have been on a mission to find and create amazing sounds. In this spirit, they have spliced cool grooves with sprinkles of kitsch and plenty of attitude since Day One, never lost their sense of humour and treated their fans to infectious hits like ‘Icecream & Love’, ‘Baby’ and ‘It’s Okay’. Here, each and every track boasts the band’s varied influences and diverse musical backgrounds – who cares about genre definitions?

BULLMEISTER are the perfect example of what happens when you give a dedicated collective of musicians free reign over an eclectic mix of their personal heroes: from Elvis and Bowie to Bary Numan and Falco, but also a range of fellow travellers like Daft Punk, Phoenix, N*E*R*D, Matthew Dear or Coldplay. BULLMEISTER take all of these influences, shake them up and transform them into pumping House, eclectic Electro, intriguing song structures and lyrics that tickle both hearts and minds – making the band’s recent jump from club to charts more or less a foregone conclusion.



After casting show favourite ‘Girls Beautiful’, an aural love letter to all women that sets the tone beyond the catwalk, BULLMEISTER now give us another juicy glimpse of their wide-ranging musical repertory with the eagerly awaited ‘Too Young To Die Old’, a debut brimming with unique songs squeezed into a well-rounded album. Their mix of powerful beats, sometimes deliberately heart-wrenching melodies and thoughtful lyrics works beautifully for band and listeners alike. For additional sound support, BULLMEISTER roped in studio wizard Brio Taliaferro, “a producer whose work we love and respect. He helped us to translate, intensify and refine our vibe and the love contained in our songs.”


Well, a new album is a always a reason to go on tour, so after plenty of popular live bookings all across the German club landscape, BULLMEISTER once again set off to give us an up close and personal taste of their sizzling style and party attitude. Right now, the boys are putting the finishing touches to their ‘Too Young To Die Old’ show. “We are throwing around thousands of ideas suitable for a larger stage. But once again, there will be plenty of ice cream, love and goose bumps – that’s a promise!”


Intrigued? Stay tuned for more!