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Genji Yoshida


He looks like a mix between a European DJ and an Asian fashion designer, or vice versa.


And this rendition is right on the money:

Genji Yoshida, 24 years young, DJ, producer, remixer, illustrator and professional fashion designer.


Music and fashion are wonders that influence each other reciprocally through continual interaction. They are the material from which youth cultures are made.

Genji's musical talent stems from his European ancestors on his mother's side of the family. His grandfather was a dynamic bandleader, his uncle a professional jazz musician and his mother a singer.


Genji Yoshida's multifaceted DJ style combines techhouse and progressive house and is often described by his audience as infectious and electrifying. His DJ skills were greatly influenced early on by his experience at the 'expressed movement' underground parties during his monthly visits to Croatia. Today Genji also likes to draw inspiration for his DJing  from technical innovations such as the "Machine" by Native instruments.

Genji Yoshida integrates all of these influences into his music.

Together with his co-producer Trokken, he first drew attention to himself with his fantastic remix of Novy vs. Snap's "Rhythm Is a Dancer".

The success in the international house community was so great that Novy vs. Eniac also asked Genji Yoshida to do a remix of their classic, "Superstar", for their 2009 remix release. This remix also caused such a furore that international DJs and producer giants like BBE ("Seven Days & One Week), Kid Massive ("Keep It Coming"),  Per QX (cover version of the Depeche Mode classic, "Everything Counts"which was sold about 5000 times world wide ) and Tomcraft ("Loneliness") have since contracted additional remixes


And finally, Genji Yoshida and Trokken had found the time to complete their own debut single on Kosmo Records. The sombre and epic house anthem, "Age 17", was inspired by the cult track, "Mr. Kirk's Nightmare". International DJ giants, like Eddie Amador, Coco Ariaz and Kosheen DJs were thrilled and  played "Age 17" at prime time.

And what's coming next?


"As many exciting DJ gigs as possible where I can share my music and my style with the clubbers. That's the best.