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Stephenie Coker

“Internationally Stephenie Coker is known for her collaborations with superstar DJ/producers such as Tomcraft, JCA and Schiller.


In Russia Stephenie Coker has attracted a lot of attention with her interpretation of “A Million Roses”. Her version was such a big success, that she even got invited to perform at the huge

“SONG OF THE YEAR / Pesnja Goda” TV show at the Kremlin Concert Hall Moscow with legendary singer Allah Pugacheva in December 2005.

Afterwards her version of “A ja ne znala” has created a big hype in the club scene again.

Since then Stephenie Coker had been performing not only in the biggest venues and events in Russia but also in most of the CIS countries.


Now, after her baby break, she is ready for her return to Russia with her new interpretations of two classic songs of her favorite Russian Artist Allah Pugacheva.

“Mne nravitza” and “Bez Menia” which have been produced in Europe by one of the leading producers of Kosmo Records.

There is also an additional remix version of “Bez Menia” by reputable Russian DJ Nejtrino.

Stephenie Coker’s new productions will be part of her forthcoming “For Russia With Love” album”