Patrice Bouedibela

The MTV veteran !

He is model, presenter, actor and DJ. Already some years ago he started djing out of his passion for music — nowadays he is well known as DJ.
With his own created style, the “Glam Hop”, he provides lively party atmosphere and much glamour in the clubs. „Glam Hop doesn't know any limits and makes nothing to himself from mainstream or underground. Glam Hop bring it to the champagne to game! “he promises already today and describes his style as " ass, hips and big-city-vibes rule. Glamorous party feeling on the dance floor."His dj-sets reflect exactly that, what djing is about: Passion and gripping music. That´s the reason why his dj-calender is still full of dates — since 2006 Patrice Bouedibela plays in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and drags his fans to all the clubs where people want to have fun and love to dance. But the ambitious Patrice wants more! It´s all a question of time, but he wants to release his own productions in the near future – the first single is already in work!