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Vincent Thomas

The Producer
Vincent released his first very own track (Sir Vince "I Don't Care" VTP Music) independently in 2004. In SWINGS (a sub-label of Great Stuff Records) Vincent has found a record company sharing his philosophy: creating great successful club tracks.
Even though chart performance is not his benchmark for success and he doesn't adjusts his production work to that, Vincent rejoices it as a form of appreciation. In April 2007 his single "Girl" (SWINGS) reached 6 on the Balanced Record Pool Charts, 24 on the Weekly Top 50 of NocturnalMagazine.net and made it to the monthly charts by Louis Osborne, Magic Dick Johnson, Mazi and Tom Stephan.

Furthermore Bob Sinclar (FG Radio, France) Joachim Garraud (ZeMIXX, France), Sarah Main (Pacha Resident, Ibiza) and Hans Nieswandt (Radio EinsLive, Germany) played „Girl" on their weekly radio mix shows and it was well received by Sander Kleinenberg, D.Ramirez, Benny Benassi, Eddie Amador, Gadjo, Jonathan Ulysees, Michael Gray and DJ Chus.

The DJ
"DJing has to be performance", reckons Vincent Thomas and adds: "For me, DJing isn't just putting on one record after the other." Due to technical evolution the role of the DJ has changed more and more to being an entertainer and performer.
His mixing style reflects his approach towards music and production: "Diversified, but consistent with a concept." Combining different styles of electronic music from all over the world in order to conceive a coherent, danceable sound - that's how Vincent describes his method of operation. Germany's leading House and Techno magazine "Partysan" declared his style "Electro House at it's best!".

That's why Vincent doesn't stuff his case with music from only one style but with a rich variety of records from Club House via Electro to rather minimalist, progressive sounds. That implies not to follow an already falling trend yet to trace current sounds and having tomorrow's sounds already in his DJ case.

Vincent had several gigs at ''Pacha'' (Munich),''Exhibition'' (Bochum), ''Mudia Art'' (Essen), ''3001'' (Dusseldorf) and a range of equal hot spots. Based in North Rhine-Westphalia it's most normal for him to spin his records in towns as Venlo, Arcen and Nijmegan in nearby Netherlands. "The Dutch party people prefer a more groovy sound." Vincent states, "Those regional distinctions spice up a DJ's life. Clubs are booking guest DJs to provide their audiences with various styles and sounds. However, as a DJ you always have a chance to take something home from the crowd."